Educational Programs

QCUL provides its clients with access to opportunities for academic learning and personal development in a safe and supportive environment. Programs include:

Credit Recovery help at-risk high school students (9-12 grades) recover educational credits to transition to the next grade and/or graduate on time. Classes are offered online.

Project Ready provides high school students and their parents with guidance to make the students transition to college successful. This is accomplished through PSAT/SAT/ACT test preparation, college readiness workshops, a focus on academic excellence classes and college tours both in-state and out-of-state.

Tomorrow’s Scientists, Technicians, and Managers (TSTM) exposes minority middle and high school students (6-12) to STEM (Science, Technology, Business and Math) and business fields while also offering tutoring sessions, field trips, supervised projects and summer programming.

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) summer program provides youth ages 13-17 with an opportunity to engage in activities related to leadership, development, decision-making, citizenship, and community service in peer-centered study groups. Youth also participate in job readiness and personal development workshops.