Quad County Urban League Evening Pathways (Credit Recovery) Program 

The Quad County Urban League Evening Pathways program is a proven and effective way to help students earn high school credits. This program allows high school students deficient in high school credits/courses or seeking to take a course in lieu of direct instruction toward their high school graduation requirements.

There are many circumstances which prevent students from completion of their coursework i.e. course failure, no room in traditional schedule, increase knowledge and build credits. Some students graduate early as a means to enter the workforce to help stabilize their households.

How to get started:

Contact QCUL’s Evening Pathways department at 630-851-2203 and ask for the PM Pathways coordinator. Download the registration and course list form by clicking here. Speak with your counselor/principle to gain approval and a referral to attend Evening Pathways. QCUL is equipped to assist you in this advocacy. You must obtain your home school’s district approval.

What courses are available?

Courses are available per your home school’s online course system. Please see your counselor for a list of e-learning courses. You may download a general list of courses by clicking here.

How are Courses completed?

Courses are completed by using your home schools online course system. Your district/high school must give QCUL instructor access to your online system so they can properly manage/proctor completion of your coursework. (QCUL will speak with home school for access)

CONTACT: PM Pathways Coordinator (630) 851-2203